Welcome to Mindful Flow


Mary is a teacher, a clinician, a coach and a practitioner. She founded Mindful Flow and Therapeutic Yoga to give students the opportunity to learn about all the tools of yoga that help build strength, flexibility and balance for body, mind and spirit. You are the focus of Mary’s work and she takes great care to create a space that is warm and welcoming; a place to LEARN, GROW and HAVE A GOOD TIME!

Yoga is so much more than a physical practice – it is a comprehensive set of practices that support a healthy lifestyle.  Studying with Mary you will discover that the discipline of combining breath with movement leads to a calmer way of being both on and off the yoga mat. With regular practice you will find a greater sense of overall well being in every part of your life.

Practicing mindfully you will come to appreciate the brilliant alignment in the physical postures that leads to heightened awareness of sensation in every fiber of your body. You will also come to appreciate the still point in yoga – that place of calm abiding – the birth-place of change, transformation, and where true healing occurs.

Mary takes her work seriously, which means that when you enroll in private sessions or classes you’ll be in the care of a well trained and highly skilled yoga instructor. In the past 5 years Mary has completed over 2000 hours of training in vinyasa/flow yoga, integrative therapeutic yoga, meditation and transformational coaching. She takes the time to understand your goals in order to create a practice that works for you. Each and every session is designed and tailored specifically to meet your needs and fit your lifestyle.

Sessions include physical postures, breathing practice, centering and meditation. She takes time to provide the kind of individual attention that is required to help you modify poses as needed to keep you safe from injury. Every body is different and Mary understands that it is not about forcing your body into specific postures but developing the felt sense of your body in the posture that is important. Mary encourages the use of modifications and props to support alignment that is healthy for your body at any given time.

Mindful Flow and Therapeutic Yoga – Where the ancient wisdom of yoga combined with contemporary understanding of health and wellness guides you to a place of optimal health and well being.