Breathing Practice


Sun Salutations for Hamstrings and Hips

Sun Salutations for Hamstrings and Hips (35 Minutes):

This is a great practice for anyone anytime but especially if walking or running is part of your regular routine, this practice can be done before or after your walk/run.

Vigorous Flow

Vigorous Flow Summer 2011 (90 Minutes):
Recorded live in a class this practice begins with seated centering and the entire practice focuses on breath. You will be reminded time and time again to breathe!

Third Places

Summertime has come to Northern Virginia and it seems everyone has come out to play!

The McLean Farmer’s Market is open, the ‘annuals’ flower market in the parking lot on Chain Bridge is fully stocked and operational, outdoor seating at the restaurants is a viable option and the concerts at The Palladium are attracting lots of attention.

Of course we naturally gather outside in the warmer months, but there is more here than just a place to go. These are all ‘third places’ – those places that when we show up give us the sense of living in community – being and interacting with a group of people that share a common interest. [Read more…]

Six Directions of the Spine Flow

Six Directions of the Spine Flow (40 Minutes):
Moving the spine in six directions in a healthy way helps lead to improved range of motion in the spine. You may want to have a couple of blocks available for this practice.

YinYang Flow Summer 2011

YinYang Flow Summer 2011 (75 Minutes):
This podcast was recorded live and will take you through a series of poses to warm the body, build strength and ends with deeply held stretches.

Gentle Flow

Gentle Restorative Flow Yoga (52 Minutes) –
This podcast will take you through a very gentle restorative practice. You may want to have a blanket and bolster available.

From a Physician

Dr. Sandy Ibrahim’s patients at PartnerMD are practicing yoga! For over a year now I have been honored to introduce the practices of yoga and meditation to patients at PartnerMD, a concierge medical practice in McLean, VA, that also offers fitness assessment, nutritional assessments and massage to their patients. The team is incredibly talented and truly embraces and understands the value of helping individuals find balance and health on all levels of being.

In her own words: [Read more…]

Avahana Mudra

Opening and Recieving

Place the edges of the little fingers together with the palms facing up in front of the solar plexus. Press the thumb gently into the base of the ring finger, other fingers remain together and extended. [Read more…]

Finding Flow: Deep Listening

If you are taking one of my yoga classes you are practicing flow yoga – linking breath to movement and transitioning through poses sequenced in a special way. The Vigorous Power Flow class features an Ashtanga based flow, the YinYang Flow is a blend of classical sun salutations that work the muscles and stationary poses that bring emphasis to the joints, the Stretch and Flow class is a therapeutic flow with a different theme each week. [Read more…]