Third Places

Summertime has come to Northern Virginia and it seems everyone has come out to play!

The McLean Farmer’s Market is open, the ‘annuals’ flower market in the parking lot on Chain Bridge is fully stocked and operational, outdoor seating at the restaurants is a viable option and the concerts at The Palladium are attracting lots of attention.

Of course we naturally gather outside in the warmer months, but there is more here than just a place to go. These are all ‘third places’ – those places that when we show up give us the sense of living in community – being and interacting with a group of people that share a common interest.

Yoga classes offer a warm and welcoming community or ‘third place’ and the energy that derives from a group of people breathing and moving through postures together is incredibly inspiring.! In a yoga class there is that sense of shared experience – challenges and new learnings – and for people that regularly attend the same classes relationships often go beyond the studio.

The great thing about a yoga class community is that you can be there but be completely in your own practice and come and go with as little or as much interaction as feels natural to you – sometimes we derive great benefit from simply ‘showing up’ and being present or in proximity of the energy.

As a teacher I enjoy going to yoga studios in the area so that I can experience different teachers way of offering instruction, get introduced to a variety of ways of sequencing postures, and can enjoy the community that has developed in each place. I love taking advantage of Groupon and Living Social!

I happen to teach and practice with a wonderful community of teachers at Pengu and each and every one has their own style and way of being. What we have in common is a passion for yoga and the desire to share this with you- check out the schedule at

So this summer bring your yoga mat out to play! Find yourself in a community that resonates for you and find your best ‘third place’.

Class Themes

Just some of the themes you can expect to experience in June:

Twists – poses that cleanse your organs and support healthy range of motion in the spine.

Heart Openers – working with breath and backbends to create space and freedom in the thoracic spine.

Balance – finding your roots and core stabilization.

Breathing – energizing, calming, and always available.

Chakras – a flow practice that brings attention and awareness to these subtle energy centers in the body.

My teaching style is influenced by Tias Little’s work regarding the myo-facial sheaths, the Kosha Model of Integrative Yoga Therapy, Sarah Powers Insight Yoga, Power Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga of Awareness/Duke Integrative Medicine.