What is Therapeutic Yoga and how does it differ from Private Yoga Instruction?

Therapeutic yoga is the specific and appropriate application of the many tools of yoga to help individuals find health and wellness at all levels of physical, psychological and spiritual well being. As a complementary approach to healing Therapeutic Yoga honors the integration of the principles and teachings of yoga with contemporary Western medicine.

While all yoga is therapeutic the practice of yoga therapy includes an approach that is grounded in a theoretical framework that the therapist uses to choose the tools and techniques that will be most suitable for the client or group being treated or served. Clients that come to me for therapeutic yoga will be introduced to yoga breathing (pranayama), poses (asana), meditation, mudra, yoga nidra, and/or restorative yoga. Clients are self-referral or referred by their physician, physical therapist or psychotherapist and we work together to develop an individualized yoga practice. Many clients that come for therapeutic yoga will work with me for a set number of sessions and then move on to deepen and expand their work in a class and home practice.

Private yoga instruction is offered to students that want to work on specific poses, desire to deepen their practice, or may be working with injuries and want to learn how to modify poses so they can safely continue to practice until fully healed. Private yoga instruction may also include any and all of the magnificent tools of yoga and we meet according to your schedule and time frame. Many students come for classes and private sessions and some choose private sessions only – it is a personal preference

All students that come for therapeutic yoga or private yoga instruction will be given a PODCAST of the yoga session or one designed specifically for you so that you can practice at home.