From a Physician

Dr. Sandy Ibrahim’s patients at PartnerMD are practicing yoga! For over a year now I have been honored to introduce the practices of yoga and meditation to patients at PartnerMD, a concierge medical practice in McLean, VA, that also offers fitness assessment, nutritional assessments and massage to their patients. The team is incredibly talented and truly embraces and understands the value of helping individuals find balance and health on all levels of being.

In her own words:
Dr. Sandy

I am very pleased to be working with Mary to offer introduction to yoga and meditation practice to my patients. It is important for patients to understand that our body and mind are the two main instruments that allow us to be successful and evolve in the world. The practice of yoga, which concentrates on many different forms of exercise: strength of the core, deep breathing, stretching, proprioception and sleep control, allows the body to increase its efficiency and total health. Yoga has been linked to improved stress levels, reduction in blood pressure, better blood sugar control, improved pain management and has helped my elderly patients understand the importance of proper breathing techniques to fight against respiratory infection. Mary is very dedicated and very knowledgeable. She is genuine and effervescent and I am glad to have her as a part of the PartnerMD team.

Our patients at PartnerMD are saying that:

“Mary is very centered and calming. I have never tried Yoga before and Mary was able to break it down into basic format that a beginner could understand. It was very helpful to have one on one time with her as she helped me focus on my breathing and stretching techniques. Once I was able to implement the breathing actions she was teaching me, I realized that breathing properly allows me to feel more alive and healthy. I also realized that Yoga will help my mind and body mesh as one. I have found that as I have aged I have lost my muscle tightness and breathing, stretching and working hard will allow me to be more mobile. I plan to continue practicing Yoga with Mary”.

“Working with Mary was extremely helpful. She was very upfront with information that would help my lower back pain and chronic problems. She has a calm, passionate disposition and I believed every word she said about the power of Yoga and mediation. She enabled me to better understand the techniques behind breathing properly and now I am more conscious and I feel more aware”.

“I was very excited to learn that PartnerMD had incorporated Yoga into the yearly wellness assessment option. It shows me that Dr. Ibrahim is working to educate her patients about the body as a whole. It is also nice to make the population aware about different options to create a better lifestyle rather than just using medication. I was instantly at ease with Mary and she exudes enthusiasm for yoga, inspires you to safely challenge yourself, and offers excellent instruction. She was not judgmental about the fact that I might not do Yoga again but rather took the time to educate me about the different types of yoga so that I could deepen my interest level”.

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